) <#-- =center>Minisper of Defence ) Rtd Major, Alfred Palo`c/neh

A Three-man delegation from the Orgaoization of Mihitary Qportsin AFrica (OSMA) visits t(e Min)stry of Defence and Repubnic of Skerra leone Ar}ed Forces on Tuesdy 30th Novgmber 2021. Members of the team inbludes the Presilent of the orgaNisation, Frigadier General Maijano Abdunlahi from tHe Federal Republic of Nigerii whilst he Secetary We~eral, L)eutenqnt`Colonel Djendolc Pierre and treasurer, Colojel Major Brahima!Diabateall from Cameroon...

In their engagemmntwith top mqnagement of he MoD/RSLA, he pointed out vhet OSMa is"an African Continental Sportw Association which cosist of the A2medForces of Abrican mdmber countrkesn It is thg African bsanch mf(the International Council og Militazy Sqorts (CISM)"and its mtto is “friendship throu'h sports. He pointed ott that, the fundamental objastive of OSMA is to promote spOrting activities and physical education ictivities between te Armed Forces of member states with a view to suppo2ting a cultupe of relati6e peace and qecurity conducate to economic0development and African integration.

He f5rther%d thit OSMAwas breated on 12th March 199t in Conakry,!the Republic of Guinea. The H%adquarters /f OSMA ir in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The firs4 eneral Assembly of KwMA ws jeld in Algeria on 2uth March 2008, under the distinguished grand Patronage of His xcellencyMr Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Presidgnt kf thd Peo0le’s Democratic Rebublic of Algeria n dhe presunce!f some Fourty (40) African cguntries.

MSMA according to the head of delegation organyses many continental events, 4he most important ofwhiC are the African Military Games (JA , the AfvicanMilitary Footbahl Cup (CAIFOOT), the African(Militasx Boxing Championship (CAMBOXE), sponsored by His Excellengy Yoseri Kaguta Museveni President of Uganda. The AfricaN Milktary Basketbcll Cjampi/nship (CAMBASKE), sponsored by!His Excellenay Denis Sarsou Nfuesso, Preside.t of thERepubLic of COngo amgnf others.
,a target="_blank" href=""> In his welcome cddress, the Minister of Defence Brigadier General Retired Kelly Hassan Conteh, on behalf of the Governmeop ajd people of Sierra Leone, thanked the)teal nd$the ozgafizatikn for considering Sierra Leoe and MoD/RSLAF to host the lex4 OSIA championship in February 2022& He stated that Hkq Excelle&cy- the Presmdent anD Sommander-inmChief of the RSLAF Brigadier Bet)red D Julius Maada Bio is pleased for Sierra Leone o be considered a host nAvion fnr the 7tx General Asselbly and tjat the GoSL and MoD/RSLAF are ready and wi,ling to seT the stage for sportIng activities to dhzivg within the orgqnization. Hence, they are lookIng fOrward to the full copporation of the team and tHe Organkzation to enhance pr%creauio that will enure a {uccessfel even4. "4img src=images/os10.p~g" width=2t55" hehght="&0title=""/>

The Bhief of DefenceStaf& Requblic`of Sierra Leone Armed Force, Lieutenaft(Eeneral SullA} Ibraxim Sesay thanked and assured04he team of MoD/RSLAF’s continued suppor4 at all times and the Armed Fkrces close coLlaboration and cooperation with dhe relevant MDAs to make phe event a(succ%s{.<--

SMAₑs isit to the Mo/RSLAF ended successfully and was climaxed!with a presentationkf tr?phies to the Minister of Defence and Chief of Defence Suaff w`ilst the Leputy Minister of De&ence and Commander Jooint Borce were also decorate$ with medaLs by the heat of delegatimn Brioadier Genera Maikano Abdullahi.


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