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  • As part of the post Ebola transition plan, the United Kingdom equipped the 34 Military Hospital with a Rapidly Deployable Isolation and Treatment Facility (RDITF) at rhc Peace Mission Training Center, Hastings, Freetown. The primary role of this facility is to creatc an Ebola facing isolation and treatment facility as part of the 'Resilient Zero' capability for Sierra Leone. The facility can respond to wider infectious disease outbreaks as required in accordance with the World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical guidelines. The annual training and validation of 34 Military Hospital on the mounting and operation, the RDITF is a key elcnrcnt of ensuring that the capability can deploy in support of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. fhroughout this deployment exercise, the personnel from the 34 Military Hospital were trained, assessed and prepared to respond rapidly to an identified emergency.

    With the RSLAF inception as a key stakeholder in the fight against Ebola, the Deputy Minister of Defence, Honourable Captain (Retired) Abdul Rahman Kamara, the Chief o1'Defence Staff Lieutenant General John Edson Milton, top military officers and officials of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation paid a visit on Tuesday 2l't February 2017 at the Pcacc Mission Training Center, Hastings, Freetown where the training is hosted. The visit provicicci thc l)eputy Minister of Defence and team the opportunity to develop and consolidate their undcrsLanding of the complexities that were involved in the coordination, deployment, construction and staffing of the facility.

    According to Major Darrelle Marston of the British 2nd Medical Brigade Slrt,r.t lerm Training Team, the visit was designed mainly to provide arare opportunity for ail Llrosc involved in the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) response environment to visit the facility. S he [r r i c f cd the team as they walk through the various stages in the facility in order for them to lrrr,.,c llrc opportunity to see the staff in role'as they support the delivery of health security witlrin ljicrla Leone. The RSLAF Engineering Regiments was also applauded in their role of erecring tirc icnts within the facility where the exercise took place. Major Marston added that the two r,i,ccirs exercise was able to train 120 medical staff, and further expressed great satisfaction over thcir standards. She s furthered that the aim of the RDITF deployment exercise was to ensure deliver logistics and clinical support in order to en3ure the capability is that the RSLAF is able to fully furrrctional.

    Dr Alie Wurie who represented the Chief Medical Offrcer commended the RSLAF for its quick response to timings during health emergencies. He confirmed to the Deputy Minister of Defence that Ebola has been totally eliminated, but there are still risk factors that can occur and, therefore encouraged all that we shouldnot be complacent.

    Brigadier General
    Defence Spokesman, Pubtric Relations and Information

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