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Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
RTI Barracks

1. The Battalion over the period has been engaged on routine activities such as general administration of personnel, levels 1, 2 & 3 trainings, joint RSLAF/SLP border patrol operations, attendance on DISEC and PROSEC and minor infrastructural developments. Please find details below in respect of this unit.


2. The Battalion has over the period been able to achieve the following as indicated below:
a. Construction and fixing of a standard metal gate at the Main entrance of the battalion.
b. Fencing of the frontage of the admin building with cement bricks is in progress.
c. Errection of electrical poles within the barracks by EDSA, same will commence soon.
d. Construction of Other Ranks Canteen at FPB Joru and Loama respectively is in progress.
e. Construction of a standard unit football, athletics field and a volley ball court.
f. Construction of strong points, OPs and digging of trenches in order to improve the unit’s defence is in progress.
g. Newly constructed accomondation blocks at FPB Joru and Loama for troops accommondation through self help project has been completed.
h. Repairing of 100KVA Generator at the Bn HQ.
i. Purchased of battery for Daf truck (13 SL 74), Motor rotor for utility van (70 SL 63) and Comd Veh (71 SL 24).
j. Face lift of the Admin building.
k. Face lift of the Offrs, Sgt and Wos’ Messes and the Other Ranks canteen.
l. Planting of 350 species of fast growing trees within RTI Barracks land.
m. Construction of a round-about at the Battalion Admin area.

Conclusively, a range of events bordering activities that has been undertaken by the unit over the period has been covered. It is worth reaffirming the cohesiveness of the unit, which is ready at all times to show and demonstrate its cooperation in order to achieve the desired goal and overall intent of the Commander. We will fulfill our future plans if our current challenges are given the deserved attention.

Brigadier General
Defence Spokesman, Public Relations and Information

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