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Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Moa Barracks
Njaluahun Chiefdom - Kailahun District

1. The unit is located is presently located in Moa Barrack near Daru in Kailahun District. It has a strength of little above Three Hundred (300) personnel and oversees five (5) Forward Patrol Bases (FPBs) in Kailahun, Bomaru. Boidu, Beidu and Koindu. Like any other unit with the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), there are perennial challenges which most times affect command, control and the operational effectiveness. However, some improvement have been done that directly borders on morale.


2. Since I took over command in Apr 18, some of the projects that have been achieved so far are as follows:
a. Erection of Entrance and Exit Gates to improve on access control.
b. Provision of Electricity Supply to almost all the accommodations in the Barracks for seven (7) hours daily.
c. Installation of ten (10) solar street panels from ASTEVAN Company to Daru Field Hospital (DFH) and strategic locations within the Barracks.
d. Rehabilitation of Saluting Dais.
e. Rehabilitation of a Four Classroom Building for the accommodationof four SNCOs.
f. Purchase of two (2) desktop computers and Repair of IT Equipment for office functioning.
g. Repair of Unit Vehicles for operations and daily routine duties.
h. Purchase of 50 inches Plasma television
i. Renovation of the Mess Toilets
j. Purchase of Free to Air decoder
k. Purchase of local beach bamboo chairs
l. reconditioning of two (2) VIP bedroom lodging at the Duala Officers Mess.
m. Construction of Volley Court.
n. Construction of table tennis.

4. Great effort has been put in to ensure the unit is raised to an appreciable level that can influenced the living standard and morale of the personnel despite the distance from major towns. It is hope that the intention of this government to face lift the current standard of Moa Barracks will be actualized quickly to reduce the administrative challenges on the unit commander, as well as improving the living conditions of our personnel.

Brigadier General
Defence Spokesman, Public Relations and Information

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