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Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
Maple Leaf Barracks

1. 14Bn enjoys relative stability within its Area of Operation (AO) in 2018. The initial period of the year witnessed the post election phase with disruption to most of our planned activities particularly those related to levels 1,2 and 3 training. Operationally Charlie Coy was to have rotated Bravo Coy at the Forward Patrol Base (FPB) in April 18 but due to other post elections activities, could not. .

2. Implementation of project activities was also hampered by the post election engagements as most works were put on hold. However, we were able to meet some of the demand of JFC in the areas of training, operations, project management and general administration. This submission would therefore focus on security, training and operations undertaken within the year. It would also highlight on some of the projects implemented as well as those planned and conclude by identifying some challenges.

3. The general security situation within the Battalion AO is reported calmed and quiet with maximum-security alertness maintained and Ops Savior Green alert state observed. Base on the PSI visit and recommendations, the required standard of the security of Arms and Ammo stores of the Bn are being maintained by providing both day and night guards. The 10% weekly and 100% monthly checks are strictly monitored to ensure checks are done by the Orderly Officers and Bn 2IC/CO.

4. The entrance and exits gates of the Barracks are manned on 24-hour basis to ensure proper security check on people entering and leaving the Barracks. However, the 30KVA generator that was given to the unit through the blessing of CJF is operational and provides five (5) hours light to the entire barracks from 1900 hrs to 2359 hrs daily thus enhancing security. Fencing of the entire barracks with bamboo cane has been completed which has strengthened the demarcation of the Barracks.

5. The unit took part in the weekly District Security Committee (DISEC) meetings, which examines potential and prevailing security threats within the District. The only noticeable area of security concern within the District was the Malen Chiefdom where the SOCFIN Agricultural Company is continually being challenged by some landowners regarding rents and cooperates social responsibility issues. This problem has now escalated to the point where MACP has been invoke an RSALF Infantry Coy has been deployed.

6. The Bn FPB is headquartered in Zimmi with a Platoon deployed at Malema Junction and Jendema tasked with the responsibilities to monitor the border with the Republic of Liberia and to conduct Joint border patrols with the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) in order to discourage illegal cross border activities. Bravo coy at the FPB was due for rotation with Charlie Coy in Apr 18 but the 2018 general elections operational task did not allow for the rotating Charlie Coy to undertake the three mandatory training levels. However, relief in place (RIP) was conducted from 29-30 Jun 18 to avoid the usual disruption to vehicular activities cause by the rains. Troops deployed at all locations in the FPB continue to face serious accommodation challenges despite efforts being made to construct decent housing for them. Through self-help efforts initiated by HQ JFC and the unit, FPB personnel were able to make approximately six thousand (6,000) mud bricks for construction of accommodation. Construction works has now commenced with an ISAT contractor to undertaking the work together with RSLAF personnel. Hydroform bricks have also been produced at Malema Junction for construction of accommodation for the forward platoon of the FPB. Photos attached of current construction works.

7. The unit also supported the CSE construction company and SOCFIN agricultural company through the provision of security for their facilities and equipment. These personnel were engaged in patrolling the facilities of this companies as well as static guards to deter theft and other criminal activities.

8. In compliance with HQ JFC directives, the Battalion still maintains the JFC rule of third, training, operations and routine. We continue to ensure that the basic military skills of personnel within the unit are developed to the required professional standards, since training is the foundation stone that holds the pillars of discipline, strengthen personnel fitness and knowledge in their different employments. It is against this backdrop that Charlie Coy was deployed at the Brigade Battle School (BBS) in May 18 for level 3 training. Prior to their insertion at the BBS, they went through a two weeks training at the Bn HQ to refresh them on Level I and II modules since there was not enough time to cover the entire modules due to post election activities. A two weeks induction training was also conducted for newly posted young officers and soldiers to orientate them on RSLAF policies, procedures, regimentation and ethical conduct.

9. The unit made some progress on the implementation of internally driven projects, which are outline as follows:
a. Construction of a modern unit Mosque has now reach 95% completion rate. The structure has been roofed, doors and windows installed, floors paved and the interior plastered. Electrification and installation of ceiling works is in progress. Members of the unit Muslim jaamat used the structure to conduct all prayers during the recently concluded Ramadan Fasting period and continue to use it for all other prayer activities.  

b. Construction of four flush toilets, two each at the orderly room and medical inspection room to cater for officers and men of the unit. This has strengthened the health and hygiene status of the orderly room staff and staff as well as patient visiting the medical inspection room.

c. There is an acute shortage of toilets and a serious deterioration of the existing ones in 14 Battalion. Currently, the military personnel and their dependants are using six pit latrines constructed in 2004, which are full and in a very bad shape.    These facilities cannot cater for the population and consequently, military personnel and their dependants are openly defecating in the bush and streams. This has the tendency to introduce communicable diseases such as cholera and diarrhea, now that we are in the rainy season. A project proposal has therefore been designed for the construction of 10 VIP toilets for the entire barracks.   The proposal has been forwarded through the chain of command for funding support through the RSLAF benevolent fund. Efforts were also made to seek local funding support through the Pujehun District Council and other local companies within the District. Details can be found at annex “A”.

d. Personnel at the FPB also made approximately six thousand (6000) mud bricks as a self-help project supported by HQ JFC for the construction of accommodation.     
A single apartment building with 12 rooms has been constructed to wall height awaiting roofing. However, construction/building works have been halted as ITAT has awarded a contract out for the said works.

e. Rehabilitation of the MI Room.  

f. The Bn has also refurbished a 30KVA Generator that provides electricity to the entire barracks from 1900hrs to 2300hrs daily.  

g. A solar bole hole has also been rehabilitated with fifteen (15) standing taps distributed within the barracks that provides potable waterto personnel and their families daily.

h. Commencement of work for the establishment of a nursery and primary school for personnel and their dependants within the barracks.  

In conclusion, the Bn continue to support the JFC rule of third in line with maintaining training and operational effectiveness. Security within the unit environment and the FPB continue to be stable with coexisting civil military relationship within the Bn AO is being maintained and to some extent has improved considerably. All these were achieved as a result of the extra measures used within the 14Bn AOR.

Brigadier General
Defence Spokesman, Public Relations and Information

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