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According to the Defence Attaché of the British High Commission, former Minister of Defence, requested the British Minister of Armed Forces to consider the possibility of British Forces to conduct combined exercises with the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF). The exercise that will run from 1st November to 4th December 2016 with the advance team arriving on 24 October 2016 is a realization of that request.

The B Squadron of the Queens Dragon (QDG) of the British Army will be engaged in a combined Jungle Warfare Exercise at the Guma Forest Reserves with a platoon from the Force Reconnaissance Unit of the RSLAF. Such exercises provide both Forces with the unique opportunity to practice and develop new skills in a controlled, learning environment. The troops would be exposed to a variety of conditions that challenge and test their skills to ensure readiness for a wide spectrum of operations. Training generally is aimed at preparing forces to work together when confronting common problems, such as terrorism.

Apart from their combined training exercises with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Forces, the British are engaged in combined exercises in Brunei and Kenya. The Armed Forces of these countries benefit directly from these engagements. The ruggedness of the terrain in Guma Forest Reserves is unavailable in the UK and it is therefore a unique opportunity for the British soldiers to gain skills through training.

At the end of the Exercise, the troops will depart to UK on the 5th of December this year. Exercise GUMA SUN is said to be the first of its kind in Sierra Leone. The main purpose is to strengthen and develop the strong bond between RSLAF and the British Army.

Credit: Office of the Defence Spokesman

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