The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and Commander-In-Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF),
His Excellency, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma,dresses the 1st Lieutenant General(CDS) and 3 other senior officers

President dresses 1st Lieutenant General and three senior officers

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) and 3 other senior officers of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) have been promoted to various ranks. The Director of Personnel, Colonel AM Bangura, announced the arrival of the Defence Council delegates and confirmed that it has pleased His Excellency, Commander in Chief and Minister of Defence to promote the CDS, Samuel Omar Williams to the rank of Lieutenant General. While decorating the CDS, President Koroma said that the upgrade in rank of the RSLAF is in conformity with best international standards and provide flexibility to compete with other military institutions on International Peace Support Operations.
Colonel Bangura also announced three other promotions as follows: Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (DCDS) Brigadier John Edson Milton promoted to Major General, the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff (ACDS) for Operations and Plans, Brigadier Mamadi Keita also promoted to Major General and appointed Commander Joint Force (CJF) and finally the Director of Defence Public Relations and Information, Colonel Michael Mohamed Samura promoted to Brigadier and appointed Chief of Staff of RSLAF Headquarters.

Cheif of Defence Staff (CDS)    Commander Joint Force (CJF)     Chief of Staff of RSLAF Headquarters (COS) Addressing the officers, President Koroma said the day marks yet another milestone in the history of the military, as the newly promoted Lieutenant General Samuel Omar Williams has become the country's first CDS to attain the rank, and also the 17th Defence Chief since Independence. He pointed out that what they have just witnessed manifests dedication to duty, commitment, loyalty and above all selfless sacrifice to humanity both locally and globally. His Excellency also confirmed that the current fight to eradicate the Ebola virus is a testimony to the fact that the military is not only a force that provides security, but can also take part in disaster management and devotion to national development.
He further stated that the senior officers have performed excellently in the execution of their duties stressing they have exhibited enviable leadership qualities that have won RSLAF laurels both locally and internationally. He however emphasized that promotion goes with responsibilities and they are expected to exhibit the values and standards of RSLAF at all times.
The CDS in his vote of thanks said four of them were promoted, but the Deputy CDS, Major General John Edison is absent due to the medical treatment he is undergoing overseas. He also stated that the President has signed a book of faith with them and in return they will give him their unflinching support through dedication, and commitment. He thanked President Koroma for making him the first Lieutenant General in the history of the RSLAF and he will never forget as it will go down the history books in Sierra Leone.

Promoted Senior Officers

His Excellency, decorates Deputy Chief of Defence Staff

In completion of the historic decoration of the first Lieutenant General of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), President Koroma on Monday 17th August, 2015 decorated the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff John Edson Milton, to his new rank of Major General.

Chief of Defence Staff (DCDS)

On July 3rd this year, President Koroma, who is the Commander in Chief, and Minister of Defence, decorated the first Lieutenant General of the RSLAF, Lieutenant General Samuel Omar Williams at the Myohaung Officers' Mess Wilberforce Barracks in Freetown. The ceremony was witnessed by senior officers both ex and serving from RSLAF, Office of National Security, the Sierra Leone Police, Correctional Service, National Fire Force and relatives of the recipient.
His Excellency congratulated Major General Milton and advised him to execute his duties at the best of his ability according to the ethics and standards of RSLAF.
Major General in his vote of thanks affirmed that the appointment has raised the bar of the army by having the first Lieutenant General and also the first Major General to serve as Deputy Chief of Defence Staff. He finally thanked the President for his elevation and promised to serve faithfully at all times.


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