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The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General John E Milton on Friday 18th November, 2016 addressed senior military officers that attended the Senior Command and Staff Training (SCAST) at the Horton Academy, Leicester Square.

The Graduation ceremony took place on Friday 18th November at the Horton Academy after the students underwent a twelve-week Senior Command and Staff Training (SCAST), which commenced on the 29th August, 2016. The course was designed to develop the students' leadership qualities, equip them with knowledge and confidence to fill their appointment roles, and also to upgrade their staffing skills. The military students were drawn from the ranks of Majors to Lieutenant Colonel.

Congratulating the graduands in his keynote address, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General John E Milton who served as the Guest of Honor, said the graduands were very fortunate to go through such Training. He added that training is the bedrock for professionalism and such training is designed to prepare officers for the unforeseen, and will also enable them adapt to any environment they might find themselves. Lieutenant General JE Milton further stated that it is a must for all senior Officers to embrace training because it toughens them in their career.

The CDS averred that most Senior Officers that perform extremely well on overseas courses are those who emerge successful at the SCAST. He further confirmed that it has been unanimously agreed that no officer leaves for overseas courses without going through the SCAST. Lieutenant John E Milton confirmed with the graduands that military course is all about endurance and not brilliancy.

He further confirmed that little allowance will be given to students on courses base on the challenges during courses. The Guest of Honor noted that the course would help to build confidence in the graduands' career. He therefore congratulated the military academy staff for their relentless effort in making the course a success. He concluded that the course has added value to the RSLAF

The graduation ceremony was climaxed with presentation of certificates to all the graduands. The ceremony was witnessed by the Assistant Chief of Defence Staff and other senior military officers.

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