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The Chief of Defence Staff, Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces- Lieutenant General Sullay Ibrahim Sesay, addressed RSLAF officers and personnel of Western Area Units on Tuesday 17th August 2021, at the Fore Court of Cockeril Barracks Wilkinson Road Freetown.

The purpose of his address was to share with his troops information which borders on general discipline, land grabbing, negative social media posts, divulging of classified information, recent increment of troops’ salaries, peace support operations, strides by the GoSL to ease accommodation challenges, unauthorized sale of uniforms by serving personnel, take home rice for soldiers and new uniforms supply among others.

The CDS reiterated to his troops that discipline is the bed rock of the Armed Forces and there is need for the RSLAF to be more professional in discharging their daily duties and responsibilities. This is because the military is a symbol of unity that strongly borders on morale of the force which may affect the good spirit, high standards, behaviours and self-discipline of troops that is consistently expected to be displayed. He reminded troops on the oath of allegiance under-taken by them to serve the nation and that any action good or bad could affect the image of the RSLAF.

Similarly, he emphasised that it is the desire of the MoD/RSLAF chain of command to always have a well-organized, apolitical and professional force that is capable of portraying the good image of the Armed Forces, which is strongly reflected by our troops’ discipline, competence, credibility and performances in all respect worthy of emulation, with the highest professional standards expected on both internal and external duties. The Senior Management of the MoD/RSLAF is therefore, strongly advising those involved in damaging its long earned reputation in the pretext of politics and misconduct to desist forthwith.

Additionally, whereas the CDS recognised the Social Media platform as an important medium to inform, educate troops and a vital component for nation building in portraying the good image of the MoD/RSLAF. However, posting audios, messages and images designed to tarnish and undermine the credibility of the Armed Forces through social media will not serve anybody’s interest. He continued by warning troops to refrain from politics, social media comments that brings the military into disrepute, land grabbing, divulging of classified information, wild rumours and other illegal activities. He also advised troops that these illegal activities can bring the RSLAF into a situation that will prevent them from taking part in global peacekeeping missions.

He further stated that, there are plans by the GoSL to address the accommodation challenges and Peace Support Operations aspirations of the RSLAF which are key to His Excellency, the President and Commander-in-Chief’s drive. He added that the MoD/RSLAF Senior Management is working hard to see the completion of Gondama Barracks in Bo with a Battalion in future and the construction of the Warrant officers and Sergeants mess at the Wilberforce Barracks. In the area of RSLAF’s participation in Peace Keeping Missions, he informed troops that they are currently working with the Ministry of Finance for the GoSL to procure required equipment that will ensure the deployment of at least a Company on Peace Support Operations.

Finally, the CDS strongly admonished troops that, divulging classified information in the military is dangerous and it is an offence to peddle false rumours within the force that may undermine discipline and trust. He stressed that, anyone who breaches professional military ethics will face the full force of the law. The questions and concerns raised by troops during this timely address are appropriately handled by the chain of command. For more information and further clarification on this publication, please contact the Director of Defence Public Relations and Information on mobile numbers +232 78750557/+232 30089908.

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