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Lieutenant General Sullay Ibrahim Sesay (OOR),
Chief of Defence Staff of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces

The Chief of Defence Staff Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces- Lieutenant General SI Sesay with the Assistant Chiefs of Defence Staff Personnel & Military Secretary- Brigadier General KS Kaimapo and Support & Logistics- Brigadier General AB Jalloh, made a three days’ operational visit to the officers, men and women of 2nd, 5th Infantry Brigades and KOINDU Forward Patrol Base from 19th – 22nd January 2022. The purpose of the visit was to remind officers, men and women of RSLAF of their roles and professional expectations in the conduct of their daily routine duties. His address mainly focused on general military discipline of personnel, misuse of social media, illegal/unauthorized deployment, Other Ranks recent promotions, annual leave, Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS), supply of take home rice, ID cards issued to all troops, RSLAF Endowment Insurance Scheme, Peace Support Operations, domestic violence, proposed policy on age 60 years and the dangers of fraternization among others.

The CDS and his delegation were warmly welcomed by the 2nd and 5th Infantry Brigade Commanders respectively. Comprehensive briefs were done by the Brigade Commanders to the CDS and team on the Brigade mission and tasks, current security situation and the challenges within their Areas of Responsibilities (AORs). During the visit, the first port of call was the 2nd Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Kenema, where he received a detailed brief on the activities of the Brigade and thereafter addressed troops of 2 Infantry Battalion at RTI Barracks. The CDS and team continued to DARU 1 Infantry Battalion and KOINDU FPB on the second day of the visit whilst the final day was the visit to the 5th Infantry Brigade in Bo Gondama Barracks with 14th Infantry Battalion in Pujehun as the final location visited.

Lieutenant General Sesay on behalf of the Minister of Defence and Senior Management reiterated to troops that discipline is the bed rock of the Armed Forces. He furthered that this is a time of reflection on his key aspirations and challenges of the force but emphasised that the RSLAF should be highly professional and apolitical. This is because military personnel are not politicians but professionals who with loyalty serve the nation, their Commanders and the democratically elected Government. He reminded Commanders to always maintain discipline and ensure timely disciplinary action is taken against RSLAF personnel who are pepertrators of crimes. In all deployments visited by the CDS and team, the officers, men and women of the RSLAF were strongly advised to avoid sexual harassment and domestic violence as this has no place in the Armed Forces.

In a bid to interact with RSLAF troops and get firsthand information on one of our Forward Patrol Bases in Kailahun District deployed towards the border between the Republic of Guinea and Sierra Leone, the CDS and delegation further visited KOINDU under (1 Infantry Battalion) through DARU Barracks, where he was heartily welcomed by the Commanding Officer and troops. Also, in all the locations visited, the Gender and Equal Opportunity representative separately admonished female troops on gender discrimination and their key concerns. She further spoke on the MoD/RSLAF Senior Management’s commitment in maintaining a zero tolerance to Gender Based Violence and Sexual Harassment within the Armed Forces.

     In his remarks to officers, men and women during the questions and answer session, the CDS and team positively responded to all questions raised by soldiers. He however, admonished them to continue to be united as a force and appreciate the GoSL’s effort in alleviating some of their key challenges due to the timely payment of monthly salaries and regular supply of Take Home Rice to troops. He emphasised that, troops should out rightly refrain from all illegal and un-lawful deployments or activities that will pull down the credibility of the MoD/RSLAF. The CDS strongly admonished officers on their roles as Commanders and encouraged them to constantly be educating and supervising their troops in their deployment areas. Finally, he thanked all troops for their presence and cautioned them to be mindful of all their dealings with the public.

Credit: Chief of Defence Staff Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
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